Unique Design Pieces


any non-profits benefit from online donations for their specific projects. Non-profits do amazing things in communities and often individuals want to support these local non-profits. However, the challenge many face is getting the word out about their efforts and the value they bring. An online presence is very important, along with clear communication about the non-profit/donations.

Visualize Your Goals

We had the opportunity to work together with the non-profit, The Green Valley Foundation of Southern California, Inc., to help visualize their vision and goals through a website. Their website, www.thegreenvalleyfoundation.org, shares how their foundation will have a positive impact in the community and helps a visitor to their site know how to become a part of moving this project forward.

The challenge non-profits face is getting the word out about their efforts and the value they bring.
Help Others Understand Your Message Through:
  • Photographs
  • Uniquely Design Graphics
  • News & Information
  • Verbiage

Investment into the Future

The donations for The Green Valley Foundation of Southern California, Inc. are an investment into the future of their local area. The have specific ways they seek to improve and build up several communities. When an individual makes a donation, they give to something very specific. Therefore, it was important to show a potential donor the unique way they could give and what their donation would do. We created several unique design pieces to help this visualization.

If you are a non-profit in need of a website, we would love to help you share your vision and goals through an online platform. This will help establish that you are a legitimate non-profit and help communicate your uniques message to a potential donor who wants to support your efforts.

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