Color Change with Carbon Fiber Vinyl


ive your vehicle a completely unique look with a Color Change - The possibilities are endless! A Color Change Wrap completely covers your vehicle and gives it a new look.

Color Change vs Commercial Wrap

Color Changes often completely wrap a vehicle, but their are differences between a color change and a commercial wrap. Even though both may fully cover the vehicle surface with vinyl, a color change is using a colored/textured vinyl to wrap the vehicle. A Commercial Wrap is similar, but it usually has a custom and fully printed vinyl wrapping on all or part of the vehicle.

On this Twin Graphics Color Change, we completely wrapped one of our vehicles. We used high-performance color-shift vinyl, high-performance white and black vinyl, and a carbon fiber textured vinyl.

Carbon Fiber Textured Vinyl

This specialty vinyl looks amazing. We installed the carbon fiber vinyl on both the hood and the roof of the vehicle.

Color-Shifting Vinyl

The color actually changes when you view the car as you look at it from different angles. Depending on how the light hits this specific color-shifting vinyl, it will look blue, to purple-blue, or even a green-blue. It really is very eye-catching and beautiful.

High-Performance White and Black Vinyl

The Twin Graphics' accents were finished off primarily with the white high-performance vinyl, along with some black high-performance vinyl.

Many hours were put into wrapping the front grill because of the detail work!

It is not required to do a full "wrap" on a vehicle when doing a color change. Some times a "partial wrap" is sufficient and perfect for what a client needs. The Twin Graphics Design Team will work with you to get just the right look you need!

3 Important Things to Keep in Mind with Vehicle Graphics

To get the most out of your vehicle graphics investment, the work needs to be done correctly. Unfortunately, you may not even know if your wrap will be done correctly -- as you really must trust the company you are working with to do these three key things:

  1. Vehicle Prepared Properly
  2. Use Quality Material
  3. Professional Installation

Comparing Apples with Apples

When you are looking for a company to do your vehicle wrap, make sure you are comparing apples with apples. At Twin Graphics you can trust that we will not cut corners just to make a buck! We also stand behind the quality our work.

We would love to talk with you about your Vehicle Graphics and get it done the right way for you! We have an entire bay dedicated to our vehicle wrap installations.

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