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Your brand is no longer you telling others who you are.
Rather, it is others telling each other who you are.
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What is included?

Our Social Media Marketing and Management includes:

  • 2 Platforms - Facebook and Instagram

  • 3 Custom Posts (per week)

  • Peak Hour Postings

  • Market Research to Identify 'Key' Words
    and Hashtags

    Optional to include:

  • Setup of the three platforms w/About Page

  • Pay-Per-Click Campaign can be added

  • Additional Posts can be added

  • Other Social Media platforms added to package

  • Email Newsletter Campaigns

  • Landing Pages for Targeted Events

The most powerful type of marketing.

Social Media Marketing is the most powerful way to promote yourself, yet it is much less expensive than traditional marketing.

Effective marketing must be engaged where people are and where they communicate -- on their devices, especially their mobile devices.

Keeping up with Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming. We can help you manage your smartest way to market!

Fully Responsive

No matter where your audience is, they will have a user-friendly experience as you share your brand and interact with them.

Look Awesome

Your social media content will be be consistent with your brand. You brand is unique and will look awesome week after week.

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